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Interim report



Mr Frank Rommerskirchen, born on 22.10.1967 in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt, has been employed by us as Creative Director since 1.7.2016. This interim report is being prepared as the undersigned is leaving the company as Managing Partner.


First Christmas, founded in 1999, supplies shopping centres, airports, shopping streets and entire city districts with seasonal decorations, essentially for Christmas and Ramadan, but also for special occasions such as national holidays and festivals. In the past 20 years or so, we have realised over 1,000 projects in more than 50 countries in Europe and the Middle East. We do the design, supervise the production at partners in Europe and China, deliver and, if necessary, also set up and dismantle the decorations. If desired, we also store them and arrange financing.


Mr Rommerskirchen's job is initially:

- Visiting the customer, briefing, inspecting and documenting the object with photos, film, measurements and other details,

- Creation of a customised and completely individual design, taking into account all relevant circumstances and the budget,

- coordination of the concept in the house

- visual representation of the concept in Adobe Photoshop, briefing of the in-house motion design, if effects are planned, briefing of the 3-D design,

- ongoing contact with suppliers to clarify production possibilities

- Handover of the concept to the commercial department with all relevant details for the tender to the production companies,

- Preparation of a briefing for service partners who are to offer the construction and dismantling of the decoration,

- presentation to the client

- after placing the order, close cooperation with the manufacturers, the client, especially his building services, our service partners and the commercial colleagues,

- presence at the properties during the set-up period to supervise or support the service providers.

- Furthermore, Mr. Rommerskirchen has taken on the following tasks:

- Visits to our suppliers to monitor production,

- design of our exhibition stands.


Mr. Rommerskirchen has familiarised himself very quickly. Due to his many years of work in the theatre, he has an excellent feeling for the effective design of spaces. His design achievements were usually very good, often quite excellent. He is extremely imaginative and creative, but works precisely to the client's specifications or to any special challenges of the object.



Mr Rommerskirchen works very quickly and with focus. After only a short time here at our company, he won a very large budget for a new

Ramadan decoration in Doha, Qatar.


We are unreservedly delighted with Mr Rommerskirchen's consistently excellent performance. He is an extremely valuable member of our design team.


Mr. Rommerskirchen is intelligent, has a broad general education and is a very pleasant conversational partner for everyone. This is very helpful for our company in Mr. Rommerskirchen's contact with our customers. We get very positive feedback from them without exception. Mr Rommerskirchen also gets on very well with his colleagues, and his behaviour towards the management is always pleasant and impeccable.


All in all, we can say that Mr Rommerskirchen is a highly valuable employee. We hope that we can count on his much appreciated cooperation for many years to come.


The undersigned is leaving the company as managing partner, so I would also like to thank Mr Rommerskirchen personally for his excellent work and the always very pleasant cooperation. I sincerely wish Mr. Rommerskirchen the very best for his further professional and personal life!




Hamburg, 26 February 2021






Dr Kersten Rosenau


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